GrandMA2 Command Wing: A Portable and Powerful Lighting Control Solution

Are you looking for a way to control your lighting system with the flexibility and features of a grandMA2 console, but without the hassle of transporting and setting up a bulky device? If so, you might want to check out the grandMA2 command wing, a portable and powerful lighting control solution that works with the free grandMA2 onPC software. In this article, we will explain what the grandMA2 command wing is, how it works, and what benefits it offers for mobile lighting control.

GrandMA2 Command Wing

What is the GrandMA2 Command Wing?
The grandMA2 command wing is a hardware device that connects to your computer via USB and provides you with the command section of a grandMA2 console. It has 15 faders, 45 buttons, 6 encoders, 2 DMX ports, and a slot for a Kensington lock. It also allows you to send two additional DMX universes via Ethernet protocols with the grandMA2 onPC software2.

The grandMA2 command wing is designed to work seamlessly with the grandMA2 onPC software, which is a free download from the MA Lighting website3. The software incorporates all the functions of a grandMA2 console and offers you its full potential on your notebook or PC. You can use it for running, programming, or offline preprogramming, as well as a smart backup solution within the grandMA2 system3.


How Does the GrandMA2 Command Wing Work?
To use the grandMA2 command wing, you need to install the grandMA2 onPC software on your computer and connect the device via USB. The software will automatically recognize the device and enable you to use it as a control surface. You can also connect other devices such as MA onPC fader wings, MA xPort nodes, MA 3D software, or MA VPU software to expand your setup.

The grandMA2 command wing gives you access to 2,048 parameters per session (up to 65,536 parameters as backup in the MA system). You can control up to 65,536 fixtures and store up to 256,000 presets. You can also create complex cue lists, effects, chases, macros, bitmaps, and more3.

The grandMA2 command wing has a user-friendly interface that mimics the layout of a grandMA2 console. You can use the faders, buttons, and encoders to adjust parameters such as intensity, color, position, beam, gobo, etc. You can also use the touch screen of your computer or an external monitor to access menus and windows. The software also supports keyboard shortcuts and mouse commands for faster operation.


What are the Benefits of Using the GrandMA2 Command Wing?
The grandMA2 command wing offers several benefits for mobile lighting control. Some of them are:

Portability: The grandMA2 command wing is compact and lightweight (4 kg), making it easy to transport and set up in any location. You can use it with any laptop or PC that meets the minimum system requirements for the grandMA2 onPC software.

Flexibility: The grandMA2 command wing can be used for various applications such as theatres, shows, clubs, events, installations, or preprogramming. You can also customize your setup by adding other devices such as fader wings or nodes.

Compatibility: The grandMA2 command wing is compatible with the grandMA2 system and can communicate with other grandMA2 consoles or devices via MA-Net2 or Art-Net protocols. You can also import and export show files between different devices using XML format.

Affordability: The grandMA2 command wing is an affordable option for lighting control that gives you access to the powerful features and functions of a grandMA2 console without breaking your budget. The grandMA2 onPC software is also free of charge and regularly updated by MA Lighting.

The grandMA2 command wing is a great device for mobile lighting control that works with the free grandMA2 onPC software. It gives you access to all the functions of a grandMA2 console on your laptop or PC and allows you to control up to 65,536 fixtures with 2,048 parameters per session.


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