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What is a 360 photobooth? How does a 360 photobooth work?

The 360-degree camera photo booth is composed of a motor, a rotating platform, an extended selfie stick (3-4 shooting devices or power banks can be installed), and LED ring lights to fill in the light. you can easily control your equipment with the matching remote control.The rotating platform is equipped with a ring light, which can show different lighting effects, and through the button, you can remote control the speed of the 360-degree photo booth machine rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise.
At the same time, you can also upgrade the round rug to have your own custom logo, or use your own custom logo to achieve your business purpose, you can rent
360 photobooth. of course, you can also buy a
360 photobooth enclosure for use. or DIY a
360 photobooth enclosure by yourself, it’s all possible. we are able to share our photos and videos through various social media platforms.

Where can a 360 photo video booth be used?

360 photobooth are great when attendees want to show off their ensemble outfits, freeze meaningful moments, or when guests want to get creative with poses or include active event props like throws Flower petals or throw confetti.Record your wonderful moments in all directions. Suitable for family gatherings, weddings, parties, Halloween, Christmas, exhibitions, large events, etc.

How many people can the 360 camera photo booth accommodate?

The 80cm diameter  360 photobooth can accommodate 2 adults at the same time.The 100cm diameter
360 photobooth can accommodate 3 adults at the same time.The diameter of 115cm
360 photobooth can accommodate 5 adults at the same time.The diameter of 150cm
360 photobooth can accommodate 7 adults at the same time.

How is the 360 photobooth packaged? how to set up 360 photobooth?

You can choose the flight case or a carton. The installation can be completed in less than 30 minutes with the joint efforts of two people. It is balanced and stable during work, without additional noise, and has a long service life.
The whole installation is as simple as installing building blocks. Then clip the mobile phone or IPAD on the machine, and use the remote control to control the rotation and color change, have not
360 photobooth app, convenient and simple.

What effect can 360 camera take pictures of, why do we need 360 photobooth?

Now it’s all about the lackluster videos, but using a 360 photobooth can bring a new perspective experience, and dazzling dance moves. At the same time, with slow motion and reverse playback, it will make your display on social media different, and ordinary people can also shoot the feeling of a professional cinematographer. 

Please enjoy the following 360 photobooth video:

Through the above video display, do you want to know more about 360 photobooth? So let me introduce you to more detailed information about Igracelite 360 photobooth.

First of all: the Igracelite 360 photobooth is made of sheet metal, which is not easy to rust and wear; it is made of tempered glass; all Igracelite 360 photobooths have an APP to control the lights and rotation.

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Top 10 Features of the Ultimate 360 Photo Booth Experience

Shoot in groups

Rotate clockwise/


Rotate 360 degree

LED light

Intelligent telescopic

Intelligent remote control


Cool effect

APP Control

Adjust brightness and color

Third please take a look at our packaging and parameters:

360 photobooth packaging method
Product name:
360 photobooth
Diameter Options (in)
23.62", 26.77", 31.5", 39.37", 45.28", 59.06" (customizable)
Circumference (in)
Maximum 56.3"; Minimum 113.78"
Height (in)
LED Screen Size (in)
Maximum 13", 12.99"
LED Type
RGB full-color (supports custom colors)
Power Specification
24V, 3A, 72W
Aluminum alloy structure with tempered glass
Stepless speed adjustment; supports mobile phone remote control

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we put 360 photobooth?

Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, concert, sporting event, or corporate party—you should show off the best parts of the venue, and what better way to do so than by strategically placing Spin 360 in the best possible space in your event? Wherever you decide to put us, it will be visible in the background of all your videos. So be mindful of all the beautiful scenery when thinking about which area you will set aside for us.

Which stage lights can be used with 360 photobooth machine?

It can be used with stage lighting equipment, such as:moving head lightsbattery powered led par lightsglass ballscold sparks machinesmoke machines, and will definitely give guests an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. It turned out to be unbelievable.

How many to rent 360 photobooth? where can i know 360 photobooth rental price?

rent 360 photo booth: Generally, they are charged according to the time, and the price is between 450USD and 700USD. Some companies can also provide DJ services. If you use it more times, we recommend you to buy a 360 photo booth, because 360 photo booth for sale: the price is between US$800 and US$1,500. If you use it twice, the rental price is the same as the purchase fee.

Where can i buy a 360 photobooth?

360 photo booth for sale: welcome to our website this is Grace Stage Lighting’s shopping mall. we can do different combinations prices free shipping to you. of course you can also contact us directly: Whatsapp/wechat:+8613710086169 or Email:[email protected]

Can you print 360 photobooth logo on our machine?

Yes, of course; And it’s free. or maybe you have any 360 photo booth logo ideas, pls tell us,we can help you

How many is a 360 camera booth? or how many does a 360 photobooth cost?

The price of each 360 photo booth is $800 to $1500; depends on size. the larger the size, the more expensive it is. there is also whether it contains auxiliary light, etc., and the price of auxiliary light will be more expensive.

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