420w 3in1 dj light moving head(GL-L420)

The 420w 3in1 DJ Light Moving Head (GL-L420) by Grace Stage Lighting is a state-of-the-art lighting solution, meticulously designed for concerts, theaters, and TV stations. Boasting vibrant colors, diverse gobos, and advanced features, it promises unparalleled performance and versatility, making it an essential asset for every stage.


  • Dynamic Color Wheel: 8 vibrant colors + white to elevate every performance.
  • Versatile Gobo Options: Dual gobo wheels with a total of 17 unique gobos, catering to diverse visual needs.
  • Advanced Control: Flexible DMX channels (22/29CH) and two 5-facet prisms for tailored lighting effects.
  • Crisp Visuals: Motorized focus ensuring clear projections, complemented by linear dimming (0-100%).
  • Intuitive Display: 2.4-inch LCD supporting English and Chinese, with user-friendly features like auto lock and pan/tilt reverse.
  • Smart Features: Input signal isolation, adaptive fan speed based on temperature, and optional ArtNET control.
  • Designed for a Global Audience: Multi-language support, RDM compatibility, and state-of-the-art software.


  • Colors: 1 color wheel with 8 colors + white, bidirectional rainbow effect.
  • Rotating Gobo Wheel: 7 gobos + open, indexable with shaking effect.
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel: 10 gobos + open with shaking effect.
  • DMX Channels: 22/29CH
  • Prisms: Two 5-facet prisms (standard & T-type) that can be positioned.
  • Dimensions (Packing): 15.74in x 11.02in x 25.19in
  • Actual Size: 9.44in x 7.08in x 22.83in
  • Additional Features: Motorized focus, varied strobe options, 0-100% linear dimming.
  • Display: 2.4-inch LCD (English/Chinese), with auto lock, display flip, and Pan/Tilt reverse.
  • Software: Upgraded for user convenience with remote reset functions.
  • Other: Input signal isolation, optional ArtNET control, RDM compatibility, and adaptive fan speed.
  • Weight: Approximately 41.88 pounds.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between spot and beam dj light moving head lights?

A spot dj light moving head typically produces a broader and softer-edged light, allowing for a more flexible focus and the ability to project gobos. On the other hand, a beam moving light dj is designed to produce a very tight and intense light beam, which is perfect for creating sharp aerial effects, especially in concerts and stage performances. While both are essential in stage lighting, your choice will depend on the desired visual effects for your event.

What is a profile moving head light?

 A profile moving head light, often linked with a spot dj light moving head, is a specialized lighting fixture that comes equipped with shutters or blades. These blades can shape and adjust the light output, allowing for precise control of the beam's shape and size. It's a versatile tool in the hands of lighting designers, especially when paired with gig bar move systems. When used in combination with other devices like the dj light moving head or the gig bar move, a profile moving head can significantly enhance stage visuals, making it a popular choice for theaters, concerts, and TV stations.