laser beam moving head(GB-MHL)

Introducing our cutting-edge Laser Beam Moving Head, a state-of-the-art lighting solution engineered to deliver vibrant, high-intensity visual experiences. This innovative unit integrates high-powered laser diodes, advanced scanning technology, and versatile control options to meet the demands of the most ambitious stage setups. Whether it's a concert, theatrical production, or special event, our Laser Beam Moving Head promises to elevate the visual spectacle to unparalleled heights.


  • Unparalleled Color Spectrum: With a powerful trio of Red, Green, and Blue laser diodes, produce a vast range of hues for a visually stunning show.
  • High-Speed Scanning: Featuring a 25kpps scanner, this unit ensures fast and precise beam movements, ideal for high-energy, fast-paced environments.
  • Multiple Control Modes: Versatility at your fingertips. Choose from Automatic, Master-Slave, DMX512, Art-Net, or ILDA to customize your visual showpiece.
  • Exceptional Rotation Capabilities: Enjoy expansive coverage with 540° rotation on the X-axis and 270° on the Y-axis, offering unparalleled freedom of movement.
  • Robust Motor Design: Equipped with dual 3-phase 42 motors, experience seamless, smooth rotations and transitions that will elevate any performance.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Measuring at 20.9 inches by 20.9 inches by 12.6 inches and weighing only 50.7 lbs, this unit offers exceptional performance in a manageable size.
  • Efficient Analog Modulation: Benefit from analog modulation, allowing for superior color mixing and beam control.
  • Plug & Play: User-friendly and compatible with various control methods, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.

For a versatile, dependable, and breathtaking lighting solution, our Laser Beam Moving Head stands in a class of its own. Transform your stage into a realm of visual artistry today.


  • Laser Configuration: Red (R635-700mW), Green (G525-900mW), Blue (B450-1.4W)
  • Modulation: Analog
  • Rotation: X-axis 540°, Y-axis 270°
  • Dimensions: 20.9" * 20.9" * 12.6"
  • Net Weight: 50.7 lbs
  • Scanner Speed: 25kpps
  • Beam Diameter: 3 * 6.5mm
  • Control Modes: Automatic, Master-Slave, DMX512 (27/52CH), Art-Net, ILDA
  • Motor: Dual 3-phase 42 motors
  • Gross Weight: 55.1 lbs


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Frequently Asked Questions

What laser is used in Theatre?

The type of laser used in a theatre setting largely depends on the application and desired visual effects. Commonly used lasers in theatres include:

DPSS Lasers (Diode-Pumped Solid State): Suitable for intricate visual effects with high-quality beams.

CO2 Lasers: Often used for special effects like smoke or fog generation.

Diode Lasers: Known for their compact size, these are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

RGB Lasers: These offer a full-color spectrum and are widely used in productions requiring vibrant, dynamic lighting effects.

It is essential to ensure that the laser systems are compliant with safety regulations, such as those set forth by the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) and local authorities.

For professional use, it is highly recommended to consult with a laser specialist or technician to choose the right laser type for your specific theatre needs.

How much does a laser light cost?

The cost of a laser light for theatre use can vary widely depending on several factors:

Type of Laser: As discussed above, different types of lasers come with different price tags. Diode lasers are generally more affordable, while DPSS lasers can be more costly due to their higher quality and capabilities.

Brand: Established brands may offer more reliable, high-quality lasers but typically at a higher price.

Specifications: Features like wattage, color spectrum, and control options can all influence cost.

Accessories: Additional components like controllers, mounts, and safety features can add to the overall cost.

As a general ballpark:

Entry-level lasers: Can start as low as $100-$500 USD

Mid-range lasers: Generally cost between $1,000 and $5,000 USD

High-end professional lasers: Can exceed $5,000 USD