Dj Laser Light(GB-XYBRGB10W)

Igracelite 10w dj laser light, as part of a show, a event, we are proud of it. Igracelite laser lights are the ideal “starter” laser for anyone looking to add sharp, dynamic and impressively colorful effects to their rig. You simply won’t find a better performer at a price point this accessible. By incorporating lasers into your exisiting lighting rig, you'll be able to add a unique touch to almost any major event. Today's lasers are more affordable and user-friendly than ever before.

Grace Stage Lighting produces Dj laser lights ranging from 1W to 100W.


  • Igracelite dj laser light combines nicely with fog and haze.
  • Go with the trusted name:
    The Igracelite dj laser light is the Third generation of the Igracelite series from Grace-Laser, we are leading laser system manufacturer with the best parts supplier support in the business.
  • Sealed optical deck for resistance to water, wind, fog/haze/smoke and dust. Rich RGB color mixing; Even color mixing.


  • Product name: 10W RGB dj laser light.
  • Power/Wavelength: (R: 2000mw 638nm G:2800mw 520nm B: 5200mw 455nm).
  • Laser source: Semiconductor diode.
  • Control mode: ILDA,DMX512,AUTO,SOUND,MASTER.
  • Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ.
  • Scanner system: 35kpps.
  • Size: 290(L)*180(w)*195(H) mm/ 0.95(L)*0.59(w)*0.64(H) ft.
  • Weight: 7.2KG /15.87lb.
  • Product model: GB-XYBRGB10W
  • Divergence: <1.3mrad.
  • modulation mode: Analog modulation.
  • modulation frequency: 100HZ.
  • Power: <240W.
  • Cooling way: Fan cooling +TEC.
  • Working temperature: -10℃-45℃.
  • Occasion: KTV, CLUB, banquet hall, stage.


Dj Laser Light(GB-XYBRGB10W) reference guide downloads


Frequently Asked Questions

What is dj laser light?

A DJ laser light is a lighting effect that is used in nightclubs and concerts. It is a light source that is used to create a dazzling visual display of colors and shapes that move and pulse to the beat of the music. It is often used in conjunction with other effect lights, such as fog machines and strobe lights, to create a unique atmosphere.

Where is Dj laser light used?

Dj laser light is used in nightclubs, concert venues, and other entertainment venues to add extra visual excitement to the atmosphere. Laser lighting is also used in music videos and other performances.

How many watts of laser is suitable for DJ use?

This depends on the specific situation and requirements. Generally, a laser system with a power of 10-50 watts is suitable for DJ use.

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Yes, it is possible. but all of Igracelite laser light have protective measures, and the program also states that no single laser light line can be emitted.