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Suppose you're planning an unforgettable party in Austin and want to add something new to amaze your guests. In that case, consider including a 360-degree photography booth in Austin. This is more than just a method to record moments and memories; 360 booths offer an experience that adds enjoyment and excitement to any celebration. Suppose you're with the advantages of this guide. In that case, you can select one of the five accurate photography booths that rotate around Austin. It will be a memory regardless of what event you've planned regardless of whether it's a corporate occasion or a private celebration.

 360 photo booth Austin

Austin's Premier 360 Photo Booth

If you're trying to find ways to make your Austin event memorable, consider an experience at the Austin Panorama Booth. Austin Panorama Booth is a well-known provider of 360-degree photo booth experiences. With high-quality, competent photos and the most modern technology, it's a unique method for marking any special occasion, including ceremonies, weddings, and other celebrations.

Why Choose Them

Austin's Premier 360 Photo Booth creates stunning 360-degree pictures and high-quality videos using cutting-edge technology. The booth's unique design permits modification to fit the theme and design that the occasion demands. It could be a corporate function or a wedding reception. If it is the booth you choose to use will assure that the photo booth is suitable for the event and can improve the experience of guests.

Services Offered

Austin's Premier provides a wide selection of services that go beyond photo-capturing

  • Customizable overlays and backgrounds: Customers can select among various backgrounds and digital backgrounds to create a unique image that is customized and adequate to the event's theme.

  • In-situ Social Media Integration:  This service lets guests post their pictures and videos immediately across various social networks, thus increasing the interaction aspect of the occasion.

  • Premium Quality Prints: Premium Quality Prints and Digital Copies Prints of high-quality and digital copies are available for guests to keep prints at home as keepsakes and receive digital copies to share online.

  • Expert On-Site Service: A devoted Austin Premier team will be available to help set up, operate, and even remove the photo booth to ensure efficient operation throughout the event.

 360 photo booth Austin

Capital 360 Experiences

Capital 360 Experiences is a pioneer in photo booths with 360 degrees. Austin is renowned for its innovative designs and technologies, and an approach based on its customers' requirements. If you're planning events like weddings, corporate events, or even a huge event, Capital 360 Experiences guarantees guests a memorable experience. We'll review the aspects that distinguish them from the crowd and the benefits they can offer you. We'll also look at what our clients are saying about their experiences.

Why Choose Them

Capital 360 Experiences' latest technology utilizes 360-degree video that captures stunning, high-quality photos from every angle. Their booths have high-speed cameras that warrant smooth and flawless video output, ideal for recording lively, action-packed events.

  • Customizable Experiences: Recognizing that every event is unique, Capitol 360 tailors its services to meet each customer's unique requirements and preferences. They ensure the photo booth fits the event's overall atmosphere, from customized overlays and backgrounds to specific music selections.

  • Professional and friendly staff: The staff at Capitol 360 is more than just tech-savvy. Still, it has a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. They're on hand to oversee the booth, talk to guests, and ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to conclusion, providing a seamless experience. 

Services Offered

Capitol 360 provides a comprehensive set of services that will make your occasion memorable:

  • Interactive 360-degree Video Booths: Interactive video booths that rotate 360 degrees. These booths can record HD video from all angles, ensuring every second is captured.

  • Customizable Features: Events planners with flexible features can select from a wide range of backgrounds, props, and digital effects that allow them to personalize the booth experience to fit the theme of their event.

  • Social Media Integration: Instant posting options for sharing allow users to upload 360 videos and images directly to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Live Streaming: for weddings or corporate events, Capitol 360 can stream the video material live, allowing people who could not attend to participate in the celebrations virtually.

Client Testimonials

  • Excellent Service and Experience: Customers frequently thank Capitol 360 for enhancing their events with fun, entertaining, and stress-free photo booths. Most testimonials highlight the professionalism and friendly nature of the staff and the quality and creativeness of the video and image outputs.

  • Recurring Customers: The degree to which customers are satisfied with the service Capitol 360 provides is evident by the high number of clients who return and the referrals they receive. Customers return for the superior service and the unique capabilities and reliability that add a distinctive flavor to their events.

  • Event Highlight: Many clients have reported that their photo booth has become the focal point of their event, and guests of all ages are taking advantage of these interactive features. The ability to share images and videos instantly via social media adds excitement and involvement at the event.

  • The Austin Panorama Booth:  If you want an option to make your Austin event memorable, consider the Austin Panorama Booth. Austin Panorama Booth is a market leader for panoramic booths. They are known for their stunning photos and cutting-edge technology. They favor the most innovative method to commemorate any event, including ceremonies, weddings, and celebrations.

 360 photo booth Austin

The Austin Panorama Booth

A Panorama booth is an excellent method for taking 360-degree pictures, ideal for any event in Austin. Austin Panorama Booth is well known for its breathtaking 360-degree images. Thanks to its technology, guests will remember their experience long after the event.

Why Choose Them

360-degree panorama photographs are captured by Austin Panorama Booth. A modern camera system in the booth records every angle, ensuring every moment is captured. The booth is designed to accommodate many people, making it perfect for recording quality, high-detail video and photos of your entire event or occasion. The technology they utilize is not limited to traditional photo booth functions; however, they also offer slow-motion video that adds a contemporary and dramatic appearance to the photos of your celebration.

Services Offered

  • Austin Panorama Booth: Austin Panorama Booth provides various services to make any event more enjoyable. Their high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge software warrant high-quality, sharp video and images. In addition, they provide live broadcasting capabilities that are ideal for sharing the event live on websites. This is particularly useful for corporate and wedding receptions that guests who can't attend the event can still participate in the celebration from a distance. The modern and sleek design is functional and pleasing to the eye and blends perfectly into any decor. It's small enough to fit in various locations. It requires only a few minutes of setup time, which aids in keeping your event in order. Additionally, the interactive features let guests share and view the photos and videos immediately and help increase the enjoyment of the event to a greater extent.

Lone Star 360 Booths

Lone Star 360 Booths

LoneStar 360 Booths stands out within the Austin party scene for its robust and flexible photo booths, appropriate for any occasion, indoors or outdoors. Their commitment to providing the most engaging and top-quality experience makes them the perfect opportunity for those who want to add a unique element to a celebration.

Why Choose Them

The 360 booths from LoneStar are known for their long-lasting and reliable equipment designed to withstand various weather conditions. This makes them an excellent choice regardless of the weather. They're committed to providing an enjoyable customer experience by offering booths that are simple to operate and simple for everyone to use. This means that everyone can enjoy the event without difficulty.

Services Offered

Lone Star 360 Booths offers various services that can improve any event:

  • Indoor Compatibility: They have been made to work perfectly in outdoor environments and are equipped with weatherproof elements that guard from the weather elements.

  • Interactive Technology for Users: These booths have simple touchscreen touchscreen interfaces that make photography and recording available to everyone.

  • Instant Share: They provide instant access to digital images and videos via integrated social media. Users can share their experiences instantly.

  • Optional Customization: Clients can choose from various customizable options like backdrops, props, and filters for photos that can be customized to match their experience at the kiosk in line with their event's theme.

In-Depth Look at Circle C 360 Photo Fun

In-Depth Look at Circle C 360 Photo Fun

Suppose you're looking for an engaging Photo Booth in Austin. In that case, Circle C 360 Photo Fun stands out because of its energetic and fun technique of capturing photos during events. It is ideal for parties, weddings, and corporate occasions. Circle C offers an immersive and enjoyable experience that will make your event unforgettable.

Why Choose Them

Circle C 360 Photo Fun is renowned for its lively setup and fun photo experience. They specialize in creating a vibrant and vibrant atmosphere with their lively lighting and an array of props that appeal to people of all age groups. Their technology is focused on more than just capturing photos and capturing images and creating an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere where guests can have fun, take pictures, and make memories. Circle C is an excellent choice when joy and laughter are top priorities.

Services Offered

Circle C 360 Photo Fun offers various services to enhance any occasion. Their booths are equipped with:

  • Thematic Costumes and Props: They bring a wide assortment of props and costumes that fit the themes of your event. These can provide more entertainment, making it easy for guests to share their style with the occasion.

  • Interactive Touch Screens: Every booth has touchscreens, allowing guests to modify their pictures by choosing filters or creating digital backgrounds and props.

  • GIF and video creation: Besides photos, their booths create GIFs and short videos, which are great to share on social media.

  • In-situ Social Media:  Integration With Circle C's tech, Circle C ensures that guests can post photos and videos on your social accounts in a matter of minutes, which allows them to boost their enjoyment and communicate the excitement to a broader audience.


Why are the above five most famous 360 photo booth companies in Austin? There is one thing in common: they all have excellent service capabilities and super service attitudes.

In conclusion, choosing the ideal 360 photo booth company in Austin will significantly improve your event with an immersive and unique experience that can capture memories in vibrant and panoramic detail. When choosing a provider, consider the cost and the range of services offered, including customization options and technology features like social media integration and high-resolution capabilities. Providers like Austin's Premier 360 Photo Booth and Capitol 360 Experiences demonstrate the value of exceptional customer service and innovative technology. Additionally, consider the provider's ability to adapt to different event spaces and their reputation for reliability. By carefully selecting a 360 photo booth, you ensure your event stands out, providing guests with engaging and interactive entertainment they will remember and appreciate long after the celebration.


What makes a 360 photo booth different from a traditional one?

A360 booths record video from all angles around a central point, unlike traditional booths that capture static, one-directional images.

Are these photo booths in 360 degrees appropriate as outdoor photo booths in Austin?

Most of Austin's best 360-degree photo booth companies provide outdoor and indoor setups. The Lone Star 360 Booths provide weatherproof solutions appropriate for the uncertain Texas weather.

Can I personalize the experience of my photo booth to suit my event's theme?

Absolutely! Companies like Capitol 360 Experiences offer customized options for backdrops, such as backdrops, props, and digital overlays that will perfectly complement the theme of your event and style.

What happens to guests with images and videos taken at the booth?

Customers can typically receive their images and videos immediately through various digital channels. They usually allow direct sharing on social networks or provide material via SMS or email, including options to download the material immediately.

What factors should I consider when choosing a 360-picture booth service provider in Austin?

Examine the service's technological capabilities and customization options, high-quality service, and previous testimonials from clients. Also, assess their capacity to meet your event's requirements, including the dimension and scale of your event. Make sure they can definitely manage your guests and venue needs.

What will it cost you to lease a 360-degree picture booth from Austin?

The price can vary based on the length that the rent is in effect, specific services that are provided, and the kind of service you require generally, prices can range from $400-$1000 for a few days of rental. Therefore, the profit of renting a 360 photo booth is very considerable; If you need to use it for a long time, you can consider purchasing a 360 photo booth and DM for promos.


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