2000w fog and bubble machine(GY-BF2000)

A cutting-edge 2000W fog and bubble machine that will elevate your event experience to new heights. This versatile device combines the magic of fog and bubbles, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe. 

When the bubbles touch you and burst immediately, you will fall madly in love with our Igracelite Fog And Bubble Machine.


  • DMX Control: With 8 DMX channels, you have precise control over the machine's performance, allowing you to create stunning visual effects tailored to your event's needs.
  • Multicolor LED Lights: The GY-BF2000 features 48 high-quality 3W ,3-in-1 LEDs in four captivating colors: red, green, blue, and white. These LEDs can be controlled independently to add an extra layer of ambiance to your event.
  • User-Friendly Control: You can operate the machine using DMX control, the LCD display, or the included remote control, making it convenient and easy to use.
  • Efficient Heating: The LCD display indicates the machine's status, from "Preheating" to "Ready," ensuring that it's ready to perform when you need it.
  • Safe and Reliable: Designed with safety in mind, the GY-BF2000 is equipped with a power switch for easy on/off control, ensuring your event runs smoothly and safely.


  • Power: 2000W
  • Control Methods: DMX, LCD Display, Remote Control
  • Packaging Size: 17.71×13.77×18.3in
  • DMX Channels: 8
  • LED Quantity: 48x 3W ,3-in-1 (Red, Green, Blue, White)
  • Weight: 28.21lb

How to Use:

  • Step 1: Place the equipment on a flat surface, leaving at least 50 cm of space around it.
  • Step 2: Pour bubble oil and mist oil into the designated boxes, ensuring they are placed correctly.
  • Step 3: Plug the machine's power cord into the appropriate socket and turn it on by switching the power switch to the "ON" position. Check the LCD display for status updates.
  • Step 4: The display will show "Preheating," and once the heating is complete, it will read "Ready."
  • Step 5: Use the control panel or the remote to set your desired operating mode.
  • Step 6: When finished, turn off the device by switching the power to "OFF" and unplug it from the outlet.
  • Step 7: If you need to transport the equipment, make sure to empty the tank through the connecting pipe and drain valve before doing so.
  • Elevate your event with the GY-BF2000 Fog and Bubble Machine. It's your key to creating a captivating and unforgettable atmosphere for any occasion. Experience the magic today!

How to use video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bubbles still emerge from the Fog And Bubble Machine if its ventilation is closed?

Yes, bubbles can still be produced but won't reach the same. 

If I adjust the air outlet upward on the Fog And Bubble Machine, will the bubbles reach a higher height?

Yes, adjusting the outlet upward causes the bubbles to spray higher.

Does the Fog And Bubble Machine's LED light have a gradient effect?

The machine's LED light has a gradient effect, adding to its visual appeal.

How should I maintain the oil pump and nozzle on the Fog And Bubble Machine?

After using bubble oil, flush the system with clean water to remove residual oil. The smoke oil requires no special treatment.

How long can a 1.2L bucket of oil last in the Fog And Bubble Machine?

Using the maximum smoke output, it lasts about 2 hours. At 15% output, it can last around 6 hours.

Is the ratio of oil consumption between bubble oil and smoke oil 2:1 in the Fog And Bubble Machine?

Yes, that's the correct ratio, with bubble oil generally used faster.

After using the oil in the Fog And Bubble Machine, should it be poured out? How should it be cleaned?

There's no need to pour out the oil. Just filter the bubble oil pump with clean water and wipe the front of the machine clean.

In which places or scenarios is the Fog And Bubble Machine mainly suitable?

It's ideal for bars, wedding halls, general event performances, birthday parties, live broadcasts, and similar settings.

What should be done if the ground has oil after using the Fog And Bubble Machine? How much oil should be prepared for an event?

Clean the oil on the floor with water. Prepare 2 barrels of bubble oil and 1 barrel of smoke oil for one event. The included oil bottle is generally enough, with each event lasting about an hour and each spray about five minutes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can you put fog fluid in a bubble machine?

A1: No, you should not put fog fluid in a bubble machine. Fog and bubble machines use different types of fluids. Fog machines use fog fluid to create a misty effect, while bubble machines use bubble fluid to generate bubbles. Mixing the two fluids could damage the machine and produce undesirable results.

Q2: What is a smoke bubble machine?

A2: A smoke bubble machine combines the effects of a fog machine and a bubble machine. It creates bubbles filled with a smoky or foggy substance, adding a unique and mesmerizing element to your event's atmosphere. These machines are perfect for creating visually stunning and memorable moments.

Q3: Why is my bubble fog machine not blowing bubbles?

A3: If your bubble fog machine is not producing bubbles, several factors could be the issue. Check if you have the correct bubble fluid in the machine and ensure it's not empty. Additionally, ensure that the machine is properly cleaned and maintained to prevent clogs in the bubble mechanism. Proper maintenance and using the right fluid can help resolve this issue.

Q4: Is it bad to breathe in fog machine smoke?

A4: Inhaling excessive fog machine smoke can be harmful as it may contain particles and chemicals. It's best to use fog machines in well-ventilated areas and avoid prolonged exposure to the smoke. If you have respiratory issues, it's advisable to be cautious and limit your exposure to fog machine smoke.

Q5: Do fog machines need ventilation?

A5: Yes, fog machines should be used in well-ventilated spaces. Proper ventilation helps dissipate the fog and ensures a safe environment. Adequate ventilation also prevents the fog from becoming too dense, making it more comfortable for event attendees.

Q6: Can fog machines cause asthma attacks?

A6: Fog machines can potentially trigger asthma attacks in individuals who are sensitive to airborne particles and chemicals. It's essential to use fog machines in well-ventilated areas and consider the health of attendees, especially those with respiratory conditions.

Q7: How long can a fog machine stay on?

A7: The duration a fog machine can stay on depends on its capacity and the size of the fluid reservoir. Typically, a fog machine can operate continuously for 1 to 2 hours before needing a refill. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions to prevent overheating and ensure the machine's longevity.

Q8: What is the difference between a fog machine and a smoke machine?

A8: The primary difference is in the substances they produce. A fog machine creates a misty, low-lying fog using fog fluid, while a smoke machine generates a denser, smokier effect using smoke fluid. The choice between them depends on the desired atmosphere for your event.

Q9: Will fog machines trigger fire alarms?

A9: Fog machines can potentially trigger fire alarms if they produce a dense fog that reaches smoke detectors. To prevent this, ensure proper ventilation and use a fog machine in a well-maintained environment. It's essential to coordinate with venue staff and follow safety protocols to avoid false alarms.


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