Best cold sparkler fountain

Before we talk about the best cold sparkler fountain, we first need to know why the cold sparkler fountain is produced, and what problems are thecold sparkler fountain manufactured to solve?

In front of all these problems, of course, in addition to the beautiful spray effect of the cold sparkler fountain, what we think of is its safety. That is to say, Igracelite's cold sparkler fountain solves the biggest problem that all celebrations around the world face when using fireworks: safety!

Do you know a statistic that there are more than 50,000 accidents in the world where fireworks ignite wedding venues every year? 

To solve this problem, the engineers of Grace Stage Lighting developed the cold sparkler fountain. In fact, Grace stage lighting has been selling cold sparkler fountain to customers since 2016, but did not get good feedback from the market at that time. One of the biggest reasons was the price: We clearly remember that at that time, it was not just cold sparkler fountain machine is relatively expensive, and the cold spark powder of the cold sparkler fountain are about 20 dollars per pack.

It's not because we want to sell it so expensively; it's entirely because it was just developed at that time, the research and development costs were too high, and there were no more mature suppliers to cooperate with, and the prices given by the raw material suppliers were also very unreasonable. Then there is our purchase volume at that time. At that time, we only purchased 1 ton of cold spark fountain consumable raw materials each time. Now, our essential purchase volume is more than 10 tons.

Moreover, the entire upstream and downstream supply chains are well established, and the cooperation is also very tacit; therefore, the price of consumables has also dropped a lot. In these 7 or 8 years, Grace Lighting has continuously updated its products, so the quality of cold sparkler fountain has also been greatly improved

Why do you say that the quality of Grace stage lighting's cold sparkler fountain constantly improves?

Let’s simply give an example. Our shell was initially made of sheet metal. Because of the weight problem, we changed it to plastic, but the problem came again: there is customer feedback, and the falling particles occasionally damage the plastic. The shell, and then we changed it to the current metal aluminum shell.

Then there is the structure inside Igracelite cold sparkler fountain and our choice of materials and accessories, which are different from other manufacturers. We have listed them in the form of pictures.

Cold spark machine Compared

L(GRACE):The Observation Hole Can QuicklySolve The Problem Of JammingWithout Dismantling The Machine
R(other):Once Jammed,You Need To DisasSemble The Whole Machine For MaIntenance, Waste Of Time

Cold spark machine Compared_2

L(Grace Stage Lighting): Motors With Clear Division Of Labor To Ensure Product Stability
R(others): Only Two Small Motors, No Guaran.tee The Quality Of Products

Cold spark machine Compared

L(GRACE): Chain Powder Feeding DesignWhich Is Not Easy To Jam
R(other): Gear Powder Feeding Design, Easy To Jam

Cold spark machine Comparison of remote controls

L(GRACE): 2.4G Smart Remote ControllerMaximum Control Distance 15M
R(other): Cheap Simple Remote ControllerMaximum Control Distance 5M

Since Grace Lighting started selling cold sparkler fountain in 2016, although it has also been criticized by customers, it has never received bad reviews from customers. We treat every customer with heart. Seriously responsible for every after-sale. Try to make customers 100% satisfied.

Our praise rate is the highest among all sales platforms. Our cold fireworks machine is on Alibaba, with the most customer reviews, the most favorable comments, the largest sales, and the largest number of products sold.

Therefore, the Igracelite cold sparkler fountain is one of the best cold spark machine.

When we know which cold sparkler fountain is the best, will we ask: where should I use the cold sparkler fountain?

Cold spark machine Compared_4

Where Can We Use a cold sparkler fountain?
5 Surprising Places to Use a cold sparkler fountain

If you're looking to add some excitement and wow factor to your event, a cold sparkler fountain might be just the thing. But where can you use this special effect? Here are five unexpected places where a cold sparkler fountain can make a big impact and create a memorable experience for your guests.

A cold sparkler fountain can add a magical touch to any wedding. Imagine the newlyweds making their grand entrance onto the dance floor as cold sparks shoot up around them, creating a stunning visual effect. The machine can also be used during the first dance or as a dramatic finale to the reception. It's a unique way to make the special day even more unforgettable.

Corporate Events
Cold sparkler fountains aren't just for weddings and parties. They can also add a touch of excitement to corporate events. Imagine using a cold sparkler fountain during a product launch or company announcement to create a dramatic entrance for the CEO or keynote speaker. The machine can also be used during award ceremonies or to highlight special achievements. It's a unique way to make a corporate event stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Concerts and Music Festivals
Cold sparkler fountains are a popular addition to concerts and music festivals, creating a stunning visual effect that enhances the overall experience for attendees. They can be used during a specific song or performance to create a memorable moment, or throughout the entire event to add an extra level of excitement. The sparks can be synchronized with the music, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the audience. Plus, the cold sparks are safe to use around performers and equipment, making them a great choice for live events.

Sporting Events
Cold sparkler fountains can add extra excitement to sporting events, whether it’s a professional game or a local tournament. Imagine the thrill of seeing sparks fly as the winning goal is scored or during a halftime show. The sparks can also be synchronized with music or team chants to create a memorable experience for fans. The cold sparks are also safe around athletes and equipment, making them a great choice for any sporting event. The most fascinating thing is the boxers entering the boxing match, which is very shocking.

Product Launches and Trade Shows
A cold sparkler fountain can add a wow factor to product launches and trade shows. Use it to create a dramatic entrance for your product or to highlight key features during a presentation. The sparks can also be synchronized with music or lighting to create a memorable experience for attendees. Plus, the cold sparks are safe to use around products and equipment, making them an excellent choice for any event.

Cold spark machine Compared_3

In fact, there are still many scenarios for using cold fireworks machines. The above are the aspects that our company has the most contact with. Of course, you are welcome to contact us more, No hesitate to contact us: Whatsapp/wechat: 0086-13710086169, Email: [email protected]


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