Understanding Moving Head Lights, Pro Series DMX Controllers, and Lighting Applications

Are Moving Head Lights the Same as Beam Lights?

No, they are not the same. Beam moving lights belong to a specific category of moving head lights. The types of moving head lights include spot moving head lights, wash moving head lights, beam moving head lights, LED moving head lights, etc. Beam moving lights are divided into: xenon bulb beam moving lights, LED beam moving lights, bulb beam moving lights.

Are Moving Head Lights the Same as Beam Lights

What's the Difference Between Pro Series and Regular DMX Controllers?

The Pro Series DMX controllers are crafted with professional lighting designers in mind, offering advanced functionalities and a user interface tailored for high-level lighting operations. Unlike regular DMX controllers, the Pro Series aligns with mainstream market demands and is more suitable for seasoned lighting experts.

Applications of Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

PAR lights, typically controlled by DMX controllers, are mainly used for coloring. These lights should be selected based on the space's specific needs, whether indoor or outdoor, as well as customer requirements. For outdoor settings, waterproof PAR lights are recommended.

Applications of Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

What is an Illumination System?

What is an Illumination System

An illumination system employs a range of lighting equipment and technical resources, often managed by DMX controllers, to create a variety of lighting effects and moods. The system is designed according to pre-defined aesthetic goals, aiming to highlight the architectural beauty in nighttime settings.


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