Cold Spark Machines: Top Concerns for Buyers to Consider

When buying a cold spark machine, what are we most worried about? Today we will discuss safety and regulatory issues.

Cold spark machine safety issues and fire hazards

First, let's talk about safety issues. The first topic that can never be mentioned is definitely **safety issues and fire hazards**:

When it comes to this topic, let me first explain the basic working of the cold spark machines:

 the cold spark powder is heated to about 550 degrees Celsius (1022 degrees Fahrenheit) by the machine, and then ejected. But there is a reason why the ejected spark is called a cold spark: the temperature of the spark at the center of the nozzle has been reduced to 64 degrees Celsius (147.2 degrees Fahrenheit). The higher the ejected spark, the lower the temperature; so our manufacturers will touch it with their hands and skin when promoting or testing it themselves; but why do we still feel a very slight irritation when we touch it with our hands? That's because the powder will spread in the air, creating a high-brightness visual sense. But whether we touch it with our skin or paper, there will be no accidents or burning of the paper. The entire operation process does not require professional control, just press the remote control to complete.

As for the questioning of this "cold" by theaterfx in his blog, and why we call it cold sparks, it is because the temperature sprayed out by this spark machine is indeed much lower than traditional fireworks, and it is definitely touchable. We named it cold sparklers relative to the temperature of traditional fireworks, but we never said that this type of machine would be "cool". All of us at Grace agree that both traditional fireworks and our cold sparklers can serve all celebrations and parties well, and that traditional fireworks will still have a large market share.

Everyone needs to understand: all stage effects machines need to be heated or under high pressure to produce the corresponding stage effects. This is unavoidable.

Cold Spark Machines: Top Concerns for Buyers to Consider

As for the "fire hazard": the cold spark powder we use is a composite material, which is a mixture of multiple materials, and we use tin foil to vacuum pack each 201~202G. If the consumables are flammable, then when we transport them from China, they will burn in the high-temperature container or aircraft cargo hold. And all related products under the Igracelite brand have MSDS certification and all safety transportation certificates.

Regarding the topic of titanium powder spontaneous combustion: First of all, we need to know that titanium powder spontaneous combustion requires certain conditions. First, you need enough titanium powder, a very large amount of pure titanium powder (the powder of the cold spark machines is a composite powder), and it is exposed to the air. This is just like some experts telling us that drinking repeatedly boiled water will be poisonous. First, the water we need to drink must be repeatedly boiled many times, at least a thousand times; second, the water we drink must be enough: tens of thousands of liters, and it needs to be drunk at one time. So when we publish some blog posts, don't take them out of context and be too one-sided.

Some articles and blogs have been pointing out that cold sparklers consumables are dangerous, and that there have been several accidents involving titanium powder. I would like to ask: Why haven't you seen such harsh criticism of the gunpowder used in traditional fireworks? Do you know that accidents in the production of firecrackers and fireworks happen every day?

Cold Spark Machines: Top Concerns for Buyers to Consider

Cold spark machine regulatory compliance

Let's move on to the second topic: **Regulatory Compliance**

The use of cold spark machines is strictly regulated. They are classified as pyrotechnic devices by the National Fire Protection Association, which means they require the same licensing and permits as other fireworks. Many states and cities, such as California, Texas, Ohio, New York City, and Chicago, have specific laws and licensing requirements for the use of these devices, often requiring special insurance and state licenses.

This involves regulations, which we must comply with, and we can ask friends with relevant experience or ask on various social media, there are a lot of ways to apply for a license. But you should know that this license is not required in the United States, and of course it is not required in many other countries.

Health issues

Next is the third topic: **Health issues**

The cold spark machines will produce very little smoke and drop some powder during use. This smoke will irritate the respiratory system, but the irritation to the eyes is minimal. Please keep the room ventilated. But please note that the timing and duration of each spray of the cold spark machines are that they spray sparks when some important people appear or at the climax of a party, and each spray lasts for a maximum of 5 to 8 seconds. This will not produce too much smoke and powder. Compared with the residues of other effect machines, such as: smoke machines, dry ice machines, bubble machines, etc., all effect machines will have certain residues. As for the residues of the cold spark machine, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean it.

Cold Spark Machines: Top Concerns for Buyers to Consider


Then, as a blog post mentioned, go to Google and search for "cold spark machine causes wedding fire". Please search it for real. Of course, I am not telling you that cold spark machines are safe, and there are differences between cold spark machines produced by each manufacturer; so how to choose cold fireworks machines?

1. First of all, I want to tell you that all cold spark machines are made in China! ! ! There is no other country that produces this product.

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