How popular is the cold spark machine?

Why did Grace Stage Lighting develop Igracelite cold spark machine?

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful firework display. But unfortunately, fireworks are too dangerous for most situations due to their nature. For this reason, the Cold Spark Machine was developed – a revolutionary stage effect. It looks just like a classic firework display, but the Cold Spark Machine has none of the dangers that come with regular fireworks.

Igracelite cold spark machine can create 16.4-foot-high sparks for over 30 seconds close to an audience. Sparks are cool to the touch and smokeless, making the experience more enjoyable and tactile for all attendees. Compared with the traditional ones: the cold spark machine is safer, more environmentally friendly, and more convenient to transport. Igracelite cold spark machine has MSDS certification and safe transportation certification. We are widely used in large and medium-sized performances, weddings, birthday parties, parties, discos, nightclubs, and other occasions.

cold spark machine

Working principle of cold spark machine

Cold spark machine sounds like an oxymoron, so how do they work? What's so special about it?

The Igracelite cold spark machine operates by loading safety titanium powder into it. Each 200g package contains enough granules of safe titanium powder. Unlike traditional fireworks, this powder does not catch fire; the resulting sparks are cold and touchable. It is a natural replacement for conventional fireworks, offering benefits such as no pollution, smoke, smell, or garbage during operation.

Igracelite Cold Spark Machine Powder Pour

The working temperature of the heating system of Igracelite cold spark machine is as high as 1200°C, and the internal heating element adopts electromagnetic heating (it is worth mentioning that only Igracelite cold spark machine adopts electromagnetic heating), which is stable, safe, and has a longer service life. The inner insulation cotton is composed of polycrystalline mullite material, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200 degrees. This insulation effectively protects the internal preheated temperature and minimizes the heating system's frequent heating cycles.

The composite used in the cold spark machine produces cold sparks that are cooler than body temperature, much safer and more relaxed than traditional fireworks. While handheld fireworks can burn at temperatures over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, our cold spark machines operate at around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. This low spark temperature ensures the machine can be touched directly without burning bare skin or paper. Can touch the cold spark that sprays out. Minimal smoke and odor, also great for indoor event use.

Igracelite cold spark machine internal structure

Three separate motors are a notable feature of the Igracelite cold smoke flower machine. Each motor serves a distinct purpose, including a dedicated motor for material cleaning. This prevents additional powder from entering the machine and ensures that any powder that has entered the high-temperature heater is safely discarded during cleaning. Machines with only one or two motors cannot perform this powder-cleaning function. Furthermore, the high temperatures in the heating process can damage the engine, especially in aquariums or humid environments where the remaining heated powder can cause blockages and engine damage.

Igracelite cold spark machine is safe to touch

To address issues related to spray height and powder jam, Grace's machine utilizes sprockets and chains in its internal workings. This design feature allows for better spray height control and helps prevent powder jams. Our machine's chassis and internal structure prioritize safety, aesthetics, practicality, environmental protection, and energy efficiency. Additionally, we are continuously engaged in research and improvement to enhance the performance and features of our machines.

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Traditional pyrotechnics and fireworks require combustion and extremely high heat to operate. This makes them very dangerous, not just their beauty. They create a fire hazard and emit carcinogenic particles into the air, severely limiting their use. As a result, they have been relegated to outdoor venues and large arenas for the safety of spectators.

In contrast, cold spark machines do not use flammable elements to create sparkling fireworks-like displays. Instead, it uses a mixture of small particles of zirconium and titanium. The grain is loaded into small rectangular machines using sachets with a safety interlock system. The ejection temperature is 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more relaxed than body temperature! Therefore, they pose no risk of burning or catching fire. The internal sprockets and chains of the machine are treated with anti-rust treatment to prevent rust after prolonged use. The sprockets and chains will not get stuck; the gears are easier. Grace’s cold spark machine uses chains. To prevent large particles of hard impurities from mixing into the material box and causing powder jamming, a removable rubber plug is designed on the side of the machine. After the rubber plug is uncovered, the impurities can be manually turned out by turning the sprocket with needle-nose pliers, which can avoid the need to disassemble the entire machine. We have one more oxygen inlet hole for the trouble, which can make the powder burn more completely. All these improvements make our cold spark machine more suitable for all customer scenarios and perfectly serve all customers and friends.

Because these are safer forms of fireworks, they can provide greater peace of mind for performers and audiences alike.

Indoor and outdoor security

Traditional production-grade pyrotechnics operate at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. They are challenging to control and are often banned by local and regional ordinances. However, sparks from cold spark systems are 100% safe and non-flammable. Because of this, they are easy to control and program, allowing the size, height, and timing of cool pyrotechnic effects to be changed on demand. Our motherboard has an anti-tilt function; if the machine is tilted, it will stop spraying intelligently.

Operate cold spark machine

The operator can control the height of the spark injection (up to 16 feet in the air) and the volume of the spark through the remote control or DMX512 console. This makes for an incredible display, unlike traditional fireworks, which require each effect to be a single-shot pyrotechnic device. You can program many tricks like chases, bumps, and other fantastic products to kick in instantly when you want. Especially now, our dual head cold spark machine has more diverse spray effects. The only downside is the noise the machine makes, though that’s to be expected, and no louder than machines with similar unique products. They are certainly quieter than traditional fireworks! The remote control frequency adopts 2.4G, which has a strong anti-interference ability. The remote control is a different mold design, and the battery uses AAA batteries. The shell is exquisite and beautiful, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Igracelite cold spark machine back display

One of the industry's safest and brightest special effects, the Cold Spark Machine, can breathe new life into a monotonous event, whether you’re hosting an indoor concert or an outdoor performance. Wow, your audience with this incredible cold spark fountain show.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are cold spark machines safe?

Yes, of course, it is safe. We also said in the article: the spark injection temperature of Igracelite cold spark machine is only 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which human hands can touch. And our machines have a built-in anti-tilt function: if the machine tilts, it will stop spraying.

Do cold spark machines set off smoke alarms?

This is possible because the jet can reach a height of 5 meters, 16.4041995 feet.

How long does the cold spark machine run?

The Igracelite cold spark machine is set to spray for 30 seconds each time, which can fully meet the needs of mobilizing the atmosphescene's atmospherere of the scene.


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