How can we make a Dj setup?

Our business sales often meet some DJ friends asking us how to do DJ SETUP. Grace Stage Lighting has been in this industry for 14 years and is very experienced. Here we introduce a solution to you. If you have any questions, please contact us: at [email protected].
for the truss we usually make it this way: 2pcs 6.56ft=2meter truss totems.

Dj setup1

How can we make a Dj setup?

if for this type , the Specification is: 2892892000mm; Material: 6082-T6; Supervisor:φ 502.0mm; Vice pipe: φ202.0. base down is 6106108MM iron plate; up base is 3053056MM iron plate.
This truss is for sale, the price is US$229/pc.

Please see the following pictures and the overall price:

The price of 2 pcs 2M truss for sale: USD229/pcs
The price of 2pcs GL-S150 for sale:  USD299/pcs 
DJC01 truss cover for 2meter is USD17/pcs;
The price of DJ Facade with the bag for sale: size is 12070cm; 4pcs this size, price is US$98/pcs; About Igracelite wireless battery led par light(GL-smart4s or Gl-smart6s): GL-smart4s 418w RGBWAUV 6in1 battery wireless uplight is US$96/pcs, bag for the par light is US$15/pcs.
The price of the Recharging flight case for sale 6in1 is USD 79/pcs.
The price of the Recharging flight case for sale 10in1 is USD 95/pcs.

Dj setup2

This is a relatively simple DJ SETUP, so we can generally add: a led dance floor, cold spark machine, fog machine, led wall washer, and other stage lights. So about their prices, we very much welcome your inquiries. Please don’t worry about our profession, we have been doing foreign trade export since 2009.

Grace Stage Lighting can serve every DJ customer very professionally.

Dj setup

The above are some DJ stage lights and related hardware facilities we need to build a DJ set. So what specifically do we need to pay attention to, and what preparations do we need?

Today, I will be showing you how I build my DJ sets. There are better ways to craft your DJ set than this. It's just the way I do it. So, if you do it differently or take advice and examples from different DJs and combine them, that's perfectly fine. But, as I said, this is how I like to do it. So, let's dive right in.

Starting with the first thing is picking a vibe. You don't always have to choose a vibe, especially if you're an open-format DJ or making an open-format mix. But if you're not, and you're making a specific genre mix, definitely pick a vibe. For this particular video, you might be creating a 20-minute mix, a 30-minute mix, or even a one to two-minute set for Instagram or TikTok. It's up to you. But picking a vibe, whether it's something hype or a specific genre like hip-hop, house, techno, or Caribbean, is crucial. You can even use wordplay.

On to part number two. After picking the vibe, select the tracks that fit your vibe and figure out which blend well together. Here's a quick example of how I do that. Start by creating a new crate and adding songs in the same BPM range. You can add as many songs as you like. I have nine songs, but I'm using only about eight. Could you drop the songs that fit your vibe into your crate? The most important thing here is to find out which songs blend the best. You can do this by loading a song on your right deck and another on your left, then playing both simultaneously to see if they sync up. For example, I'll play this.

As you can hear, there are better blends than this. This process involves trial and error, so don't be discouraged. Let's try this instead.

That's a much better blend. You'll need to do this for various combinations of songs. Could you organize your crate in pairs of songs that blend well together? For example, I have "Baby Boy" acapella paired with "Hot in Herre." Once you've created pairs of songs, move on to step three.

Step three involves arranging these songs in the order you want for your mix or set, from the beginning to the end. When you do this, please make sure that your transitions flow smoothly. You want to avoid jumping from a high BPM song to a slow one and then back to a high BPM. Think of building your set as telling a story. It should gradually build up to a climax and then smoothly transition to something else or maintain high energy. Be creative, but keep the flow in mind.

Next, let's discuss transitions. I'll start by explaining three transition techniques. The first is a fade-in and fade-out. Most DJs fade out of verses or choruses. You don't have to do this, but it's a common practice. For example, let the song play through the first verse and then transition at the end of the verse or chorus.

The second technique involves using loops and effects for transitions. For instance, you can loop a song's vocal or an instrumental part and use effects like reverb or echo to transition smoothly.

The third technique uses the end of a song as an instrumental part for the next transition. Could you scroll towards the song's end to find suitable instrumentals for your mix?

Lastly, remember to think about it. Use your comment section to mark specific points for transitions, especially if you're an intermediate DJ. However, experts who know their music well may be able to rely on something other than this. Feel the music and transition where it makes sense. Also, have fun and stay creative. Suppose you have an idea to be unique or mix different genres; go for it. After organizing your songs and adding transitions, record your mix, seek feedback, and share it with others in the DJ community.

That's the end of this video. Please like, subscribe, and turn on notifications if you found it helpful. Let me know if you need a part two for a more in-depth discussion. See you in the next one!

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