Why is the technology of the cold spark machine popular?

Every New Year’s Day, event's Dau, there is a lively and cheerful atmosphere everywhere, so when it comes to atmosphere, the essential thing is fireworks; although the beauty is fleeting, it is still the darling of people when celebrating New Year’s holidays and holding activities; but with The importance of environmental protection and ecological protection awareness. Some countries have issued regulations to reduce or even prohibit fireworks. Implementing this measure has made us less pleasant on the day of the festival and decreased people’s sense of experience on the day of the festival and the event.

In the 21st century, old things are constantly being eliminated, and new things are quietly emerging. As fireworks fell into the cold, cold spark technology occurred. It is different from traditional fireworks. Traditional fireworks use open flames to ignite the fuse, using metal magnesium or aluminum powder oxidation as a luminous agent. When the gunpowder is launched into the sky, it will create a colorful effect and release harmful gases when set off. Cold spark technology is popular with the public because the venue does not restrict it. Traditional fireworks can only be used outdoors, while cold sparks can be placed anywhere you want. Most people hold weddings; cold sparks are used at the time, such as the widespread cold fireworks and fountain fireworks weddings; the dazzling and dazzling firework sparks are perfectly matched with the white wedding dress. For example, The wedding scene will be placed in an orderly manner with a firework machine, which can become A fireworks stage, instantly enhancing the texture of the wedding to a new level.

cold spark machine popular

The application carrier of cold spark technology is the fireworks machine, also known as the cold spark machine and cold sparkler machine. As the name suggests, the fireworks ejected from this cold spark machine are not hot; the temperature is low; traditional fireworks have a high ignition point and high temperature; if they accidentally splash on people, bodies, or combustibles, they will NOT cause great harm. We often see Videos of burning wedding dresses. So we usually call cold spark machines, also called wedding cold sparklers. Cold sparklers have lower temperatures and ignition points than traditional fireworks. It can be touched directly by hand. It has a significant safety factor and is generally accepted by the public.

cold spark machine popular

You can purchase Cold Spark products at physical stores or online. Some stage lighting equipment official websites also have special Cold Sparklers for sale. The types of sales are also various, including horizontal spray, fall cold, Top spray, and so on; friends who want to buy fireworks can go to the professional stage lighting equipment website to learn more.

Of course, Grace Stage Lighting is also a professional manufacturer of cold spark machines. Since 2009, it has been engaged in the stage lighting industry for 15 years. Cold spark machine has always been loved by customers with various styles; Igracelite cold spark machine is a product that Grace Stage Lighting has carefully developed since 2016 and is a top-rated product today. It has been able to sell 1,500 units per month. Cold Spark powder sells about 20,000 packs per month. Welcome to the shopping website of Grace Stage Lighting: https://www.stagelightmall.com/collections/cold-sparkler-machine

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The working principle of the cold spark machine is to use electromagnetic heating to heat the machine to the required temperature of 580 degrees Celsius for our titanium powder, and then pour the titanium powder from the package into the feed port of the machine. The machine has a fan that blows heated cold spark powder out of a nozzle, creating a fountain of sparks that can reach as high as 10 feet or more. Sparks are touchable and will not catch fire or burn anything they come in contact with. The machine can be programmed to create different patterns and effects such as bursts, waves, chases and fades.

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Why choose the Igracelite cold spark machine?

lgracelite Cold Spark Machines are the style of Grace's stage lighting special effects products, and it has also been one of the most popular products among customers since 2016.
lgracelite Cold Spark Machines by Grace Stage Lighting has been the best-selling product on many e-commerce platforms since 2020. It is also the product that has received the most favorable comments from Alibaba's customers. And we sorted them out and published them on our Youtube platform. This is one video of them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/snSKG12ZBB8?feature=share.
The Factory production of lgracelite Cold Spark Machines is 1500pcs per month. We accept urgent orders and OEMs. Usually, we keep the inventory of each model at about 40 units. Don't worry about the delivery time.

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