Guide to Wedding Planner: What to Expect and How to Prepare Wedding Planner

Congratulations! Marriage is a very exciting and important time in your life. A wedding planner is not for everyone. You can set yourself the most difficult personal challenge of your life by planning your wedding. Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful tasks you’ll ever face. It can be stressful to plan your dream wedding. Imagine the list of tasks you have to complete! This is enough to put anyone’s stress level into overdrive. You should be aware of what to expect and the scope of their work before you hire a wedding coordinator. They will be organizing one of the biggest events in your life.

This guide and checklist will help you to manage the stress of planning a wedding. We’ll show you what to consider and what you need to do at each stage.

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What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who specializes in organizing, coordinating and managing all aspects of the wedding. They help couples plan their dream wedding and ensure that each detail is carefully arranged to create an unforgettable and stress-free event. Wedding planners help couples understand their vision, budget, and preferences. They then turn those ideas into reality.

Wedding planners can be a great help to couples in terms of reducing stress and the overwhelming nature that comes with wedding planning. They have the industry expertise to guide couples throughout the entire planning process, from budget management, vendor selection and coordination to the final wedding. Couples can have a smoother and more enjoyable experience planning their wedding with their help. They will ensure that the day is executed flawlessly and remembered.

What is a wedding planner

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner is like a member of your family. Explain your needs and interests. They will help you manage your budget, timelines, and recommendations based on your interests and needs.

The wedding planner will arrange the theme, colors, decor, flowers, entertainment, catering, etc. to suit your tastes and budget.

Wedding planners are in touch with a variety of vendors, including decorators, entertainment managers, photographers and many others. These commitments can help you fit your budget and save you both time and money. These full-service wedding planners will help you from the beginning to the end of your wedding.

What does a wedding planner do

Responsibilities of Wedding Planners

What are the wedding planners’ responsibilities? Wedding planners are usually responsible for:

  • Manage all communications and needs with your platform, as well as finding ceremony and reception venues.

  • Examine the entire budget.

  • Discover the colors, vibrancy, and style of this couple.

  • Discussion of progress to date

A planner can help with the entire wedding planning process. Services can include a variety of services, depending on the needs and budget.

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How to plan a wedding?

Wedding planning can be a unique and exciting experience. There are many ways to make planning stress-free and easy. Here are 7 of our favorite tips to make the planning process enjoyable!

How to plan a wedding

1: Decide a wedding budget

Setting your budget is the most important step in planning your wedding. This may not be the best part of the planning process, but you need to do it first. It sets the stage for the rest of the wedding process. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue. You may fall in love with a venue, vendor, dress or other item only to find out that it is completely out of your budget. So with your parents or any other contributors, come up with an overall budget. Then break it down by service or vendor.

2: Prepare a list of guest

Make a list before you decide on the venue for all your guests (including your parents). Decide if children are invited and if all guests will receive a plus-one. Then, you can research the venues that will accommodate your guests and estimate how much each person will cost. You may have to cut your guest list depending on your budget and the venue’s capacity.

3: Consider outside circumstances that may impact guest and vendor availability

When deciding on a date for a wedding, there are many factors to take into consideration. Couples often have a specific date in mind when they begin wedding planning. Consider other events that may affect the ability of guests to attend and vendor availability before you become too attached to a particular date.

If, for example, your town hosts a wine fest on July 25, you may find that many local vendors are booked to attend. This event might attract a large number of guests from outside the city, making it difficult for guests to find a hotel or even a flight at a reasonable price. Even your local guests may have already planned to attend an alternative event.

4: Select your favourite location and a time

Once you have a general idea of the wedding you want, you can narrow down the venues that best fit your vision. If you see a venue you like, you should book it. Weekends and prime dates are often booked up fast. If you want to save money on your wedding, get married during the off-peak period or on a weekday. Many venues offer discounts for these less-popular time slots.

5: Start booking your vendors

You can now start booking your vendors once you know the date and location of your wedding. Popular wedding vendors book up quickly, just like venues. Be prepared to pay a deposit and sign a contract when you find someone that you like. Booking vendors that are familiar with the area or venue is also a great idea. Consider hiring a wedding coordinator or planner. You’ll likely receive a list of their recommended vendors and as the date of your wedding approaches, they will take care of any last-minute arrangements.

6: Send formal invitations

Send your formal wedding invitations as your big day approaches. Aim to have them in the post 6-8 weeks prior to the event. You should include the date and location of your ceremony, as well as the time. Time is short? Sending invitations is a good idea if your wedding date is less than four weeks away.

7: Final Checks

The final leg of your trip is now upon you. Finalizing your journey! Everything is already purchased and planned. You already know the colour scheme of your wedding and how you would like to arrange every wedding decoration.

Now that everything is in place, you only need to finalize it. Call all your venues and caterers and double-check the numbers.

Take a few days to plan your special day. Plan your special day however you like. Create as many lists as you need in the lead up to your special day. Collect small items like safety pins or bobbypins that you might need.

What skills should a wedding planner have?

Wedding planning is such a broad topic that planners must possess many skills in order to get the desired results. These include:

What skills should a wedding planner have

1: Communication Skills

Wedding planners must meet and speak with clients, vendors and workers. They must therefore communicate with clients while also coordinating with workers. To ensure that the wedding runs smoothly, most planners must also interact with guests.

2: Listening Skills

Wedding planners must be active listeners. This is similar to good communication skills. Wedding planners must resist the urge to impose their own will on clients, who will have their own opinions about how their weddings should be.

3: Organizational Skills

Wedding planners are often tasked with planning more than one event at once. To avoid confusion, the wedding planner must be organized.

4: Time Management

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life, with so many expectations. Wedding planners must manage their time efficiently by completing tasks ahead of schedule. When there are multiple nuptial ceremonies at the same time, it is important to manage your time.

5: Negotiation Skills

Wedding planners should be able to negotiate effectively, keeping in mind the budgets of their clients. Vendors and clients must be happy because planners are responsible for meeting the expectations of the couple in the short-term and building long-term relationships between vendors and the couple.

What is the cost of a wedding planner?

We’ll get right to the specifics and see what we discovered in our survey of newlywed women. A wedding planner will cost you an average of $1,800, depending on the service package. The higher-end estimates can be over $4,000, while the low-end packages come with minimal assistance and may cost several hundred dollars.

Wedding planners can offer different levels to suit your budget as well as the level of service you desire. Consider hiring a planner to coordinate the day of your wedding only if you want to save money. Wedding coordinators will streamline your communication with your vendors, make sure everything is setup properly, and help you move from one aspect of your celebration to another. You can focus on your wedding without worrying about the details.

What is the cost of a wedding planner

Final Thoughts

I hope that most of my viewers like this blog. A wedding is a traditional custom. The wedding day is very important for the bride. This day is always remembered by the people. Before hiring a wedding planner, it is crucial for the couple to think about their wedding planner needs and also see their budget. So, hiring a wedding planner is costly. The wedding planner provides peace of mind and they also ensure that the wedding day passes smoothly. But you also carefully select a good wedding planner. You should take a closer look at the wedding planner. However, you have seen every feature that is offered by most planners.  Every wedding planner has its own features. You should choose those planners that offer mostly features. 

If you have any questions about this topic. You can also share this article with your friends, family members, and those who need the wedding planner service. Please feel free to contact me. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the average salary for a wedding planner?

Ans: What salary can you expect as a wedding coordinator? The salary you earn as a wedding planner depends on many factors. These include your location, experience and whether or not you are self-employed.

Planners with a greater level of experience are often able to command a higher rate. Wedding planners with five years’ experience earn between $70,000 and $90,000. Those with 10 years’ experience can expect to earn $100,000 or more.

Q2: Why do I not require the services of a wedding planner?

Ans: You’ll be better off booking your vendors well in advance of the wedding date if you don’t plan to hire a wedding planner. Early booking will ensure that you get the vendors of your choice and reduce your stress levels in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding.

Q3: Does the demand for wedding planners exist?

Ans: Yes, absolutely!

Marriage is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of recorded history. Marriage is a tradition that will never go away. It means that if you want to become a wedding planner like yourself, the demand will always be high!

Also, the COVID-19 outbreak and its aftermath are important to take into account. Couples all over the world were forced to postpone their weddings in 2020 due to what seemed like an endless lockdown. All of these couples are eager to get married again now that the world is returning to normal.

Q4: How far in advance should I hire a wedding planner?

Ans: Hiring a professional wedding planner can be a wise decision for wedding planning. Wedding planners usually recommend that you start the planning process. 12 to 18 months before the wedding date. You and your wedding planner will have enough time to plan your wedding and implement all of the details without feeling rushed.

Hiring early has many advantages, such as more time to select the best planner, better communication with the planner, and a greater chance of getting the dates and vendors you prefer. It is essential to set expectations for communication to ensure a smooth planning process.


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