What Are Magnetic Pin Spot Lights?

Have you heard of magnetic pin spot lights? Are you aware of the most common scenarios where magnetic pin spot lights are used? Let's start our journey by watching a video about magnetic pin spot lights:

In this 4.5-minute YouTube video, you will see how magnetic pin spot lights are used and their unique features.

The standout features of magnetic pin spot lights include a lithium battery, a magnetic base, wireless remote control, and a slideway for magnet insertion. Due to these attributes, over 95% of our clients prefer using them for wedding events. Their ease of installation and user-friendly control make them a popular choice. Let's dive deeper and watch an installation video:

Isn't that straightforward? Even complete beginners can handle it with ease.

Light Source Colors:

Our current magnetic pin spot lights model offers warm white as a standalone color and a combination of RGBW.

Specifications of Igracelite Magnetic Pin Spot Lights:




Single 3W Single Cool White Cree LED.

Output Intensity:

3200+ Lux at 6.5 feet.

Unit Power:

5V DC Rechargeable Battery @ 2200mAh.

Input Power:

100-240V, 50-60HZ AC.

Charging System:

5V charger

Battery Charge Time:

4.5 Hours (With Power Switch Off).

Battery Life:

6 to 8 Hours depending on mode/brightness.

Power Consumption:

3 W Operational - 15W (Battery Charging).

Rated Current:

55 W @ 110VAC – Fuse T5A

Beam Angle:

5 Degrees - 15 Degrees (With Frost Lens).

Single package size:

22X15X10 cm/8.66×5.90×3.93in

Certifications of Igracelite Magnetic Pin Spot Lights:

Grace Stage Lighting's lithium batteries come with test reports and are certified by MSDS. They also include all the necessary safety transport proofs and relevant CE certifications.

Additional Features of Igracelite Magnetic Pin Spot Lights:

They come with a powerful magnet for mounting on support brackets. The LED light source is a 3-watt Cree LED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do LED spot lights last?

They can last for more than 24 hours.

Q: Do you offer flight cases?

Yes, we usually provide options for 30 or 40 units per case.

Q: How long does it take to charge?

4 hours.

Q: Is there DMX control?

No DMX control is available.

Q: What's the optimal illumination distance?

The best illumination distance ranges from 3 to 5 meters.

Q: What's the primary feature?

It has a slideway for magnet insertion, making it easy to install on metal pipes.


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