Grace cold spark machine compare with similar products in the market

Compare With Similar Products in the Market

Grace cold spark machine compare with similar products in the market 

Accept customized Logo on Fixture and Flight Case


GRACE cold spark machine meets customer needs
GRACE cold spark machine can customize LOGO
GRACE cold spark machine can print customer's own LOGO

100% SAFE

When the cold spark machine is knocked down and the tilt angle is greater than 45 degrees, it will automatically enter the protection mode and stop working.

Advantages of GRACE cold spark machine

Advantages of GRACE cold spark machine

GRACE cold spark machine function introduction

GRACE cold spark machine function introduction

1、Powder entrance

2、Firework esit



5、Observation hole

6、Air entrance

7、Air entrance

8、2.4G wireless antenna

Our cold spark machines(Sparkular machines) are made of high-grade aluminum alloy, We all know that the heat dissipation effect of aluminum is many times better than that of iron. The working temperature of this product will reach 500 ° C when heated. Effective heat dissipation is very important to prolong the service life of the product.

The products of 98% of the sellers in the market are either iron or plastic shells. Only we have always insisted on using higher-cost aluminum as the shell. In terms of appearance, our products are high-grade and generous, and the design of the chassis is humanized.

GRACE cold spark machine is safe to touch

The chassis is cut with high-precision CNC, and the hole position of each edge and screw is 100% accurate. There are two stainless steel foldable handles on both sides of the product.

The high-grade material design is matched to facilitate packaging and use. The appearance of black box is sprayed with fine matte paint, The white box adopts a piano paint baking design, which is smooth, delicate and charming. It most suitable for marriage scenes.

Grace stage light’s Cold sparkler machine compared with others:

GRACE cold spark machine compared with other fireworks machines

GRACE cold spark machine compared with other fireworks machines

There is an ash leakage hole at the bottom of the box, which can easily clean the internal dust from the bottom. During use and maintenance, you don’t need to disassemble the whole product for maintenance, which saves you a lot of time. There is an observation hole on the side of the box.

If you encounter powder jam in the machine, You can easily open the observation hole and gently rotate the internal chain to handle everything easily. As far as we know, 99% of the products on the market do not have these humanized designs. Dismantling, maintenance, and repair need to spend a lot of time and energy.

As you can see when we open our fixture we only need to lose the 4 screws on the top, but that one on the left, we take about 20 minutes to open it, after open it, they is no way to move it, the parts are loose inside, we must move it little by little gently.

GRACE cold spark machine and other comparisons

Another seller’s cold spark machine
Removable small capacity powder box when maintenance, the powder is easy to scatter all over the place
More than 95% of other seller’s fixtures are only with 2 motors
Grace cold spark machine
Fixed large capacity 200g powder box
There are 3 motors in our fixture the big one to make sure stability of it

Grace stage light’s motors compared with others:

In Grace cold spark machine there are 3 motors,others only have 2pcs,most of them are not use the most expensive motor which cost $25/piece,but that is the most important for the stability of the fixture,we never change our raw materials,always adopted 3 motors for our fixture,they are not use it ,so that save their cost ,that is why their price is cheaper than us.

GRACE Cold Spark Machine Blower Details
GRACE cold spark machine outlet details
GRACE cold spark machine with drive gear
GRACE cold spark machine checks for faults easily

The oxygen inlet helps the powder burn completely

Fixed 200g large capacity powder box

In the first picture above, Left one is the others cold spark machine,right one is our Grace stage light’s spark machine,Experience tells us that the design of gear transmission is easier to jam, if you want to solve the jam problem of the left one ,you must open the whole box ,use tools ,but our internal design adopts chain design, which is not easy to jam. Moreover, with the observation hole on the side of our chassis, if jam, we can easily open the observation hole and turn the turntable to drive the chain, which can easily solve the problem of jam.

Easy to Maintain,if it’s jam inside of the fixture,just open the hole on the side of the fixture,you can easily solve the problem. our product not have this problem offen ,but others always have the problem, This is a personal design, which can save you the trouble of dismantling the machine.

Especially when we are in the process of activities, if the product is blocked, our design can quickly solve the problem, while others can’t.

 Grace stage light’s remote controller compared with others:

GRACE cold spark machine with multi-functional remote control
Ordinary remote control with single function

The right 2 pictures are of our multi function remote controller, there are many functions on the remote controller, you can easily let the machines from left to right or right to left, or from middle to side, which is already with build into the program into the remote controller, it is 2.4G as a signal of our remote controller, the distance can be 15 meters.

you can use one remote controller to control all your machines, but for each machine we will give you a remote controller for free, what is more, our remote controller work with a normal size AAA battery, you can easily buy it in any small shop.

The left one is the other seller’s remote controller, it is not adopted a wireless 2.4G signal so it must with an outside antenna, it can only control the machine works on or off, spray high or low, what is more, it is used A B C D to replace the function, you must remember each button mean what function, it is adopted button battery, it is not easy to get in any small shop, the most important is the distance can only about 2-5 meters.

Grace stage light’s power cables and DMX cables compared with others:

Accessories for GRACE cold spark machines

This is power and dmx cables comes with each machine ,the length is 3meters all the other sellers only provide 1.5 or 1.2 meter power cable without dmx cable ,we are able to provide different power cable with different plugs .

Some problems of the Plastic housing cold spark machine Have :

Plastic material, flammable, dangerous!

Plastic material, flammable, dangerous!


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