Buy or rent 360 Photo Booths? Which one is more suitable for you?

The ever-changing realm of planning events and photography and the advent of photo booths that rotate 360 degrees have brought an exciting new dimension and participation. The photo booths provide the unique opportunity to record images from every angle, giving guests an unforgettable experience. When the time comes to incorporate Technology in your event, the most important decision is whether you purchase or rent a 360-camera booth.

Let's look into the issues surrounding this decision, considering the advantages and disadvantages of every feature that will benefit you and deciding which is the most appropriate for you.

360 Photo Booth

Buying a 360 Photo Booth

Incorporating your 360-degree photo booth has numerous benefits.

  1. Cost efficiency over the long term: Although it may appear overwhelming, having an omnidirectional photo booth could save you money, particularly if you plan on using it often.

  2. Brand Customization: If you've bought a booth, you are in full control over the branding and design, which allows you to personalize the experience to fit your theme and brand identity.

  3. Accessibility and flexibility: having your own space ensures it's always available when you require it, allowing flexibility with scheduling and eliminating having to coordinate rental arrangements.

  4. Businesses Consider the idea of starting a 360-degree photo booth company. The ownership of your equipment will open the doors to fresh revenue streams and entrepreneurial business ventures.

The purchase of the 360 booth isn't without its problems:

  1. Initial investment: Purchasing a high-quality 360 photo booth is expensive, costing about 600USD~1100USD, depending on the size of the 360 photobooth. The smallest size can accommodate 5 or 6 people taking photos at the same time, which meets the guests' interactive requirements.

  2. Storage and maintenance: Owning the booth implies being responsible for maintenance repair, storage, and maintenance that can cover the overall costs and logistical issues. The most important thing to pay attention to when maintaining a 360 photo booth is to keep it clean: it needs to be cleaned and wiped dry after each use; and lubricating oil needs to be added to the middle bearing.

360 Photo Booth

Renting a 360 Photo Booth

The opportunity of renting a 360 photo booth comes with many advantages:

  1. A lower initial investment: The cost of renting a booth is an investment in the beginning, making it a more viable opportunity for events that are only once-off or have tight budgets.

  2. No maintenance requirements are required. Renting out your property eliminates the need to make repairs or maintenance because the rental firm usually handles the tasks, which saves you both time and stress.

  3. Choices and Variety The rental companies typically provide a range of styles and booth options that allow you to pick the ideal booth for your special occasion without being bound to the same type.

  4. The ability to scale: Renting allows you to increase or down according to the dimensions and needs of the event. This ensures you are always equipped with the correct equipment without spending too much money.

Renting, however, has its downsides.

  1. Limitations on Branding Options: Although there are some accessible customization options, rented booths might lack the brand recognition and personalization that can be achieved when purchasing a booth.

  2. Cost over Time: Although leasing may appear cheaper initially, the cost of recurring rentals will increase as time passes, possibly surpassing the price of buying a space in the long term; if you use it more than three times, it is recommended to buy a 360 photobooth.

  3. Schedule and Availability: Based on the availability and demand, the ability to secure a rental booth on particular dates and times might necessitate planning and coordination.

360 Photo Booth

Top 3 360 Photo Booth Companies


Being one of the most reputable suppliers, 360Booth specializes in manufacturing and selling premium 360-degree photo booths appropriate for various occasions and companies. The booths they sell are known for their innovative design, modern features, and custom branding options. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to build a photo booth.

Key Details:

  1. The Product Line Apart from their 360 photo booths, The biggest highlight of 360Booth is the service it provides for cars. They provide a huge 360 photo booth for cars to be exhibited, which is very innovative. It could include een screens to create customized backgrounds, props to make the experience more enjoyable, and anandgration of social media for quick sharing of images.

  2. Global Reach: Remark on the extent to which 360Booth has a presence locally, nationally, and internationally. Talk about any distribution or partnership channels they've forged to reach a large client base.

  3. Engagement to sustainability If relevant, point out the eco-friendly initiatives or practices that 360Booth employs in their manufacturing procedures or business operations. This might include recycled products, reducing energy use, or participating in carbon offset programs.

360 Photo Booth


Snap360 is notable for the innovative way it approaches 360-degree photos and offers the rental of photo booths and sales for various needs. Their intuitive interfaces, interactive capabilities, and social media integration have helped them achieve an important place on Google indexes, drawing in clients who want cutting-edge experiences in photography.

Key Details

  1. Innovative solutions: Snap360 is renowned for its creative ways of using VR and AR technologies to deliver engaging experiences for businesses and customers. Be it immersive training simulators, interactive product demonstrations, or engaging advertising campaigns, Snap360's solutions are engineered to engage audiences and produce a payoff.

  2. A wide range of clients: Snap360 can boast a broad client base that spans different industries, including entertainment and education, health, retail, and real estate. This Variety reflects the flexibility and adaptability of Snap360's products, which can be customized to suit the specific needs of various industries.

  3. Technology Stack Snap360 uses the most advanced technologies and tools to create an immersive experience. It can leverage advanced VR and AR platforms in addition to integrating the latest Technology in hardware, such as VR headsets, motion-tracking devices, and tactile feedback systems, that enhance the overall experience for users.

  4. Concentrate on User EngagementAt: The core of Snap360's ethos is the constant concentration on user engagement. Through captivating storytelling, user-friendly interfaces, or seamless interaction, Snap360 strives to create an experience that will impress the users and make them want to return.

i360 Photo Booth

i360 Photo Booth distinguishes itself by its dedication to the latest technological innovations and advancements. It offers state-of-the-art booths equipped with the most recent capabilities and improvements. Their scalable solutions for short-term rental or permanent installations are suited to a broad spectrum of businesses and uses, earning them a sought-after position among the perfect-ranked companies on Google results. Outcome.

Key Details

  1. Optional customization: The i360 Photo Booth provides a variety of customization choices to suit any event or plan for branding. It works with clients to develop the most memorable experience for guests with customized backdrops, overlays, as well as custom-branded digital material.

  2. The flexibility: Unlike conventional photo booths the i360 Booth's layout can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. When it's used for a business celebration, wedding reception event, or festival the booths they have for photo sessions are easily incorporated in any setting.

  3. Professional staff: Behind the scenes, i360 Photo Booth boasts an experienced team of well-qualified employees who work hard to ensure the successful running of each event. From set-up and operation through tear-down, post-event assistance, and after-party support, the staff goes way beyond and exceeds the expectations of their clients.

  4. Customers' Satisfaction: With a high-quality focus on client happiness, i360 Photo Booth has established a reputation for outstanding service and memorable experiences. The client list includes top names, event organizers, and entertainment businesses who rely on their ability to provide payoff consistently.


The final decision on renting or purchasing an omni-photo booth will depend on your specific situation, budget, and objectives. Buying a booth could be the most appropriate opportunity if you anticipate frequent usage and want to own it for a long time. If you're looking for flexibility, affordability, and hassle-free maintenance, leasing could be an optio

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: The three companies mentioned in the article, are they local or global?

    A1: Although certain businesses may be global, some may concentrate specifically on certain regions or markets. They are all gaining significance in the 360 photo booth market.

    Q2: Is purchasing or leasing a 360-degree photo booth through these businesses online possible?

    A2: Yes. Most of these firms provide online purchase options to buy 360-degree photo booths and book online systems to rent one. Users can browse their products and offerings, review availability, and order or reserve reservations on their website.

    Q3: What kinds of events do these 360 booths appropriate for?

    A3: These 360-degree photo booths are multi-purpose and are suitable to host a variety of events such as weddings, corporate functions, exhibitions, trade shows, promotion occasions, birthday celebrations, and many more. They can be used for personal or business functions, providing guests with an immersive and enjoyable experience.

    Q4: How can I tell which business suits my particular need?

    A4: Picking the most suitable business is contingent upon factors like your budget and requirements for the event, such as location, cost, and degree of personalization. We suggest looking through the features as well as reviews for each business or contacting them directly to discuss your requirements while comparing their pricing and amenities to benefit you in making an informed choice


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